Clinical Skin Resurfacing

Everyone’s skin changes over time due to many factors including age and environment. In turn we have developed several skin resurfacing treatments based on skin types and desired outcomes. First we will determine the appropriate level of treatment for your skin. With that in mind we will explain what options are available. Together we will create a personal, customized treatment plan.Skin needs to be prepared ahead of time before resurfacing. Prior to receiving your first treatment we will prescribe a skin care program to prepare your skin for the series of resurfacing treatments.

Important Information on Skin Resurfacing

It is very important to follow all pre and post treatment plans. Given the nature of skin resurfacing, as aestheticians we must require client compliance. It is a professional obligation we take extremely seriously. Your appearance, and the health of your skin depends upon it. If your skin appears not to have been adequately prepared, or the results were not achieved (in spite of doing everything right), we must refuse to provide treatment.

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