The perfect on-the-go facial will have you in and out in thirty minutes with brighter more youthful looking skin. $55


The Classic Facial is a relaxing facial experience tailored to meet the requirements of your specific needs. This hour long facial includes an exfoliation, extraction, and facial massage.   (Can also be performed on the back ) $75

Extended Classic Facial:

75 minutes of time to concentrate on your skin concerns.  $95


This hour long facial includes educating teens in the many unique skin care challenges they often face. In turn, the necessary treatments, products and daily care required. $75

 Face Reality Acne Treatment Consultation:

 Face Reality is a custom-formulated acne treatment regime that is extremely results oriented. During the consultation we go over what could be aggravating your acne, an acne treatment, and how to use the products correctly to start taking control of your acne.  75 minutes $125

Face Reality Treatment:

 The premiere acne treatment.  Face Reality is a custom-formulated acne treatment regime that is extremely results oriented. Must have had a consultation to book a treatment.  45 minutes $80

Ultimate Facial:

The Ultimate Facial is a customized hour-and-a-half long facial that includes everything in the Classic Facial and more. This experience starts with a fifteen minute back massage, extended facial massage, exfoliating foot massage, hand massage followed by heated mitts and boots. $130

 Rejuvenating Exfoliating Facial:

A client favorite!  A double exfoliating treatment is followed by a facial customized to what your skin needs.  $150


The Collagen Induction Facial creates tiny channels deep into the dermis of the skin. These channels cause the production of numerous growth factors that induce the synthesis of collagen. The simulation of growth factors is how the body naturally rebuilds skin density and heals wounds. This facial is preformed using specially formulated creams allows specific cells to be targeted for maximum therapeutic effect, including anti-aging or the reduction of pigmentation.  $250 a treatment or 5 treatments for $1000

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